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Donna Jodhan smiling while holding her Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) Certificate.

When it comes to sight loss no one is safe! Sight loss does not discriminate in choosing its victims! From the one who is newly born, to the one who loses their sight in an accident or through a medical mishap! Through the aging process and even through a fluke of circumstance!

The best one to help you overcome and conquer is the one who has lived it and this is Donna Jodhan! Donna has experienced both sides of the fence so to speak. She was born with very little sight, received a huge amount of sight as a teen but lost almost all of it in 2004. This makes Donna uniquely able to help those with sight loss!

She and her team are standing by to provide you with personalized and customized services to meet your needs and requirements!

She is also ready to consult with and support families and friends of those with sight loss.

Donna can also help those with sight loss to find ways to protect themselves from scams, and bullies and bullying because believe it or not! Scammers and bullies often make those with sight loss their targets and victims!

Donna and team can help you to overcome your challenges anywhere from in the kitchen and dining room to the laundry room, bathroom and living room. From the garden to the home office and workplace. From the gym and fitness centre to learning how to enjoy physical sports, crafts, and other hobbies!

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