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➜ Advocacy In Action

Join me in my initiatives and become a winner!

Someone new has arrived!

Each time we hear the cry of a newborn we need to think of this! Someone new has been sent to join the fight to help create a better future for us all! On the other hand, each time a child is taken from us either by accident or through deliberate action; it means that we have just robbed our future of a bright star!

Our most precious commodities.

Children are probably the most precious commodities in this world today and we need to do our part to help protect, nurture, and ensure that they have every opportunity to live a long, happy, and healthy life.

A chance to fulfill their dreams and discover their imaginations.

They need to be given the opportunity to enjoy a childhood filled with dreams and imaginations, toys and friends, laughter and smiles! They do not need us to deprive them of their lives through wars and starvation because we are unable to deal with adult problems!

It is their right.

We need to respect their right to become adults; to take their places in this world, and to enjoy what we enjoy! That is, a right to life and a right to live! If we are able to enjoy it, so should they!

Wiping the world of unspeakable horrors against our kids.

Kids dying of starvation or being killed in war zones are unacceptable!
Kids being shot at their schools for no good reason must no longer be tolerated!
Kids being abused both mentally and physically is not an excuse!

My commitment to the future of our kids.

I have made a personal commitment to use my skills as an author, blogger, advocate, and podcast commentator to help ensure that our kids have every opportunity to become stars of the future! And as someone who is blind, I am very passionate to help blind and vision impaired kids to take their rightful place as stars in their own right.

I need your help.

I can't do it all by myself but with your support we can stand together to make a difference. Together we can create and support initiatives that help our kids to become stars of the future! We can work to welcome them when they arrive in this world and then help them to grow, create, and imagine!

My personal initiatives.

This is how it works!
I develop initiatives to promote anti-bullying campaigns that encourage others to do the same.
I produce and host dinner mystery evenings and use the proceeds to send kids to camps.
I also use funds raised to mount toy drives for less fortunate kids.

Authors for Authors (KUSP)

And now I am promoting an initiative called "Authors for Authors" and it is one where I am encouraging authors to write content that promotes such things as more kindness, understanding, supportive compassion, and empathy.

How you can become a winner!

If you donate to my initiatives you will receive an all-access subscription to one or more of my libraries. You can also choose which library you wish to receive your subscription to when selecting only one. It's really easy and it's a great way for everyone to become a winner!

How we all become winners.

The kids win because I can use your funds to keep running their initiatives!
You win because you are helping to secure the future of our children.
I win because I get to fulfill my passion!

Want to know more?

Contact me today at ✉. I would be pleased to chat with you.

➜ Bullying

Did you know that persons with disabilities are among the highest when it comes to being victims of bullying? Did you also know that seniors are a close second but this does not mean that our kids are to be forgotten!

No, these are some of the most common victims of bullying and as an author who is blind I can tell you that I have experienced many incidents of bullying myself. In addition, I continue to read of so many others like me who remain victims of bullies and bullying on a daily basis and now I have decided to do my part to put an end to this horrible situation.

When it comes to who bullies choose to make their prey, persons with disabilities are probably the most vulnerable victims followed closely by our seniors and our kids are just too young to defend themselves against bullies and bullying. We may think that there is not much that we can do to stop this but I am determined to keep on trying and here is how. I develop courses to help persons with disabilities become more confident and independent.

I show them how to stand up to those who try to bully them and I teach them how to develop ways to become better able to fend off bullies. I show them how to strengthen their voices and how to use their independence and confidence to let others know that they are not going to allow anyone to push them around.

I show seniors how to stand up to scams and scammers and how to avoid bullying and I help kids and parents to work together to beat bullies and bullying. In order to support my initiatives, I produce and sell my very own audio mysteries and I host dinner mystery evenings based on court's in session events.

These events are based on total audience participation and I have been hosting these since 2014. You can learn more about my audio mysteries by visiting and visit my website to keep up to date with my announcements. I do not believe that anyone would ever want to think of knowing that their elderly parents are victims of bullying. Or that a friend or family member with a disability is being victimized or that your kid is being subjected to bullying at school.

No, you would not stand for any of this and now I am asking you to join me in my campaign. Help me to do my part! Take action today and tell others about my campaign. Help our most vulnerable victims to become stronger and better able to withstand bullies, bullying, scams, and scammers!

About my audio mysteries: Patterned after the "Murder she wrote!" and "Murdoc Mysteries!" where mystery is the order of the day. Meet Detective DJ and the Crime Crushers. You won’t want to miss out on any of her audio mysteries! Filled with gripping drama and unbelievable plots, you won’t be able to stop listening until the very end and then you’ll be craving for more - there is mystery behind every mystery!

Detective DJ writes and records her own audio mysteries. She uses the power of words to create and solve her crimes, and then she draws you in and before you know it – you’re all caught up in the plot! But alas, at the end of it all, when you think you’ve identified the perpetrator, she surprises you once more and you’re left absolutely stunned and amazed!

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Disclaimer: All characters, plots, and story lines written by Author Donna Jodhan are entirely fictional, and are not intended to represent any known real life occurences. Author Donna Jodhan is Detective DJ and these references may be used interchangeably.
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