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➜ About Author Donna Jodhan

My name is Donna J. Jodhan and I have been blind all my life, but that has not prevented me from living independently as someone who takes care of my own home and garden, travel regularly for my job, and run my own business.

I am an entrepreneur, blogger, author, audio mystery writer, advocate, podcaster, and law student. I enjoy cooking, ice skating, playing chess, composing on my electronic keyboard, and communicating with nature.

➜ Campaign Against Bullying

Stop! Wait! When was the last time you honestly stood up for yourself or for someone else? When was the last time you came to the defense or rescue `of a loved one? Not sure when? Not sure why or where?

Do you constantly have difficulty standing up for yourself or for someone else? Not sure how or when to do this? Or maybe and just maybe you are too afraid to admit that you are too scared to do it? Or is it that you just do not know how to do it?

Well, you've come to the right person and the right place and I am going to show you how not to be a victim of bullying and bullies! I'll show you how to deal effectively with anyone who tries to back you into a corner; be it a friend, family member, company, or even the big bad Government!

In short, I'll show you how to get what you want without having to endure too much stress and to avoid those who stand in your way when you stand up for your rights!

My name is Donna Jill Jodhan and since 1994 I have been teaching others how to stand up for themselves and for those around them. I am an author, blogger, audio mystery writer, advocate, teacher, and law student. I use my life's experiences and those of others around me to help others realize that once you learn how, you will never become a victim of bullying and in turn you will also be able to help others blow the whistle on bullies!

I help turn victims into confident and assertive individuals. I teach people how to advocate for their rights through my blogs and editorials and above all! I help them to beat bullying through my campaign against bullying.

I can show you how to protect those kids with innocent smiles and infectious laughter from the big bad world! I can show you how to safeguard your elderly family and friends from predators and stalkers and I can teach you how to become a protector to those with a disability.

Want to learn more about my campaign against bullying? Then visit me at and go to my bullying page. And you can join my Campaign Against Bullying at and see how you can receive my audio mysteries as thank you gifts in return for joining.

Join the growing global trend to bring back the good old wholesome way and the all clean American image as was portrayed by the Carpenters and the Osmonds singing groups in the 60s and 70s. I write audio mysteries that concentrate on the solving of a good old fashioned mystery rather than focusing on vivid descriptions of sex and violence and this is my way of contributing!

Samples of my audio mysteries can be downloaded from my online store at and you can either purchase or sign up for a monthly subscription.

I write audio mysteries that are patterned after The "Murder She Wrote" mysteries, starring Jessica Fletcher, the "Murdoch Murder Mysteries" starring Detective William Murdoch, and the "Sue Thomas FBI Series" starring Sue Thomas.

Still not sure about me? Then why not take a moment to visit my blogs at and see how my posts are helping others to learn more about the world of those with disabilities.

Finally, visit to learn how I and my committee are working to convince the Canadian Parliament to enact a Canadians with Disabilities Act.

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➜ Who Is Detective DJ?

It is often said that there is more than one side to a person and this is what Author Donna Jodhan has done to her main character! Not just a detective who solves crimes in a unique way! But also one who writes and records Christmas mysteries and one who is actively involved in campaigns against bullying! Yes indeed! A very unique character has taken the audio mystery arena by storm!

Author Donna Jodhan has created a very unique character; a very enterprising lady named Detective DJ. This character is refreshing, involving, and is not afraid to mix things up.

Patterned after herself for the most part, Author Donna Jodhan who is blind has created a very unique, exciting, and versatile character named Detective DJ and she heads a team called the Crime Crushers. This team is made up of a psychologist, private investigator, crime scene specialist, pathologist, and computer guru. The Crime Crushers solve crimes in a very unique way and when she is not solving crimes, Detective DJ is busy writing and recording Christmas mysteries that are rich in content.

Scintillating, riveting, and filled with hope, joy, and cheer. These Christmas mysteries are for all ages and Author Donna Jodhan uses her experiences as a blind person to include something very unique; something that is very rare and hard to find among authors. These Christmas mysteries are a must listen!

There is more! Detective DJ is also very heavily involved in campaigns against bullying. When she is not writing, recording, or solving crimes, this very busy detective is out there campaigning against bullying; on behalf of kids and especially so for those kids with disabilities, and on behalf of those women who are most vulnerable. Detective DJ firmly believes that these are the ones who need to be protected from the big bad world; from those bullies who invade classrooms, playgrounds, homes, and cyberspace.

Detective DJ is very passionate about what she does and is bound and determined to do her part. So why not get up close and personal with her? Visit to learn more and take advantage of her online store where you can either download samples for free, subscribe for unlimited access, or purchase. Find out why author Donna Jodhan is so unique; a very rare breed of audio mystery authors in her own right.

Signature of Author Donna Jodhan.

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➜ More About Author Donna Jodhan

Many of my friends know much about me but not all of my friends know everything about me. This is a deliberate effort on my part but now it is time for you my readers to know the most important things about me.

I often refer to myself as the unexpected child. You see, my mom Isa never knew that I was supposed to be born! She never even knew that she was having twins until after my twin brother Jeffrey was born and then the midwife announced to my parents that another baby was on its way. Just imagine the surprise for my stunned parents. Then eight hours after his birth I arrived and as soon as my mom greeted me, she knew that something was wrong with me! She knew that I was blind. How she knew this would always be a mystery to both her and me!

I was the third child born to Harry and Isa jodhan; mom lost a baby girl after me. I grew up in a happy family setting with my two brothers Robert and Jeffrey. I was surrounded by lots of love from everyone; parents, siblings, granny, family, and yes! My beloved dogs Yella, and her two handsome sons Lion and Tiger.

At an early age, dad taught me how to swim, play ball games, ride a bike, fly a kite, fish, surf the waves, build sand castles, play card games, but most of all, he taught me how to enjoy nature and be nice to others. My brothers taught me how to play with toys and games, played hide and seek with me, built water pools on the beach, and my mom and granny took care of the rest. I was included in all family activities and I was treated like a normal kid despite my being blind; I was almost blind in my right eye with no vision in my left eye.

Dad was my favorite bedtime story teller and with an interesting twist that I contribute to my becoming an author of mysteries. He used to make up stories and then tell them to me at bedtime. Stories about fairies, queens and kings, princes and princesses. My granny continued the trend by making up adventures about our dogs and my mom completed the circle with compositions about any and everything of her own.

Dad also read a lot to me; on subjects ranging from economics to religion and from history to geography. He never tired of listening to the news with me and discussing world events with me. Meantime, Mom and granny gave me lessons around the kitchen and taught me how to match and mix my clothes. I would say without any doubt that these three people; mom, dad, and granny all contributed to what I have become today.

If I had to put some sort of date on it all, I would say that these events in my life probably helped to spark the author in me and I loved writing essays on all of this; essays about all of my beloved dogs. As a child, I also loved to write lots of poetry and short stories and thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

My cousins also helped to shape my early childhood. They never tired of helping me to enjoy what they did. They created scrap books for me. They showed me how to make dolls clothes and they showed me how to pitch marbles, and so much more.

I took nothing for granted and my parents and my granny drummed it into my head that the world owed me nothing. I had to earn everything that I wanted. My blindness was not to be used as an excuse and it was with this handbook of learning in mind that my mind was made up at an early age that in order to live a happy life I had to fight for my independence. I was determined not to become dependent on my parents or my family.

My parents granted my wish and allowed me to leave home as soon as I had graduated from high school and it was one of the best things that they could ever have done for me. I learned to survive and I learned to cope. I learned to get along in the world and I learned to be creative and innovative. I also learned that my blindness was due in great part to having been born eight hours after my twin brother Jeffrey. Something that did not keep me back from reaching for the stars.

I obtained my first cornea transplant during my teen years and this was one of the highlights of my life. My world changed overnight and I used my vision to discover new things, experience new adventures, and to help others. My world was filled with color! I learned to read and write print. I took up ice skating which has become one of my greatest passions, and my best friend Char taught me how to roller skate, play basketball, collect pictures and photos, plus so much more. I shall be eternally grateful to this wonderful lady!

In early 2004, I lost almost all of my vision due to a retinal detachment and my world once again changed but I was determined to use this event to pursue new and different avenues of work and pleasure. I believe that this turn of events helped me to realize that my days as an author should begin and the rest is history.

Along the way, I managed to obtain an MBA from McGill University of Montreal, and certifications in Microsoft Systems Engineering, Novelle Network Administration, and a certification in professional translation from French to English. I am also a certified trainer for the Dolphin's Supernova access suite. I have written three financial books; Secrets to Financial Success, Untapped Wealth, and Untapped Wealth Discovered.

In 2012, after a six year long legal battle, I and my supporters scored a landmark victory against the Canadian Government over their inaccessible websites; that is, websites that were not accessible to blind Canadians because of web content that is difficult to read, PDF files that cannot be read by blind persons, and inaccessible forms. In short, websites where blind Canadians had to depend on sighted help to obtain information in a timely manner.

Some of my awards include:

  • The council of Canadians with disabilities (CCd) National award 2010. Nominated by Citizens with Disabilities of Ontario. In recognition of my valued contribution to the Disability Rights movement in Canada.
  • Backbone Magazines 2010 top 15 Canadian Digital Media professionals.
  • City of Toronto 2008 Unsung Hero Award: On the International Day of People with Disabilities 2008, Donna Jodhan was among eight citizens honored and recognized for "Outstanding Achievements and Contributions".

I am still the owner of my company Sterling Creations. I started Law School at the University of London England's distance learning school in 2012, and I am also a past president and past second vice president of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians. I am also a past communications director of the Canadian Blind Sports Association.

When I am not working or writing, I spend my time with my family and I take time to pursue some of my favorite pastimes; ice skating, playing chess and blind tennis, composing on my electronic keyboard, cooking, and enjoying nature.

So here I am and now for the answer to the big question of the day.

What inspired me to become an author of detective mysteries?

I can only respond like this:

To bring pleasure to those who are shut in; those who are unable to leave their homes. To those who find it easier to listen to audio mysteries and to those who enjoy solving mysteries.

I thank my parents, granny, and many friends for having helped to make my author dreams come true and it is my hope that my imagination will help to bring pleasure to others as well as to inspire others to write more mysteries.

With very Best Wishes,
Donna J. Jodhan

Signature of Author Donna Jodhan.

Your Author Forever

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Disclaimer: All characters, plots, and story lines written by Author Donna Jodhan are entirely fictional, and are not intended to represent any known real life occurences. Author Donna Jodhan is Detective DJ and these references may be used interchangeably.

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