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➜ Testimonials

(1) From Jamie Sheehan of Boston, Massachusetts:
Dear Author Donna, my name is Jamie Sheehan and I recently purchased your season series for my family. I did this because you talked about how your mysteries can help us to listen to better things rather than other bad things. As a mom, I am all for stopping bullying and I commend you for doing this. Keep up the good work!

- Jamie

(2) From Ryan Ericson of St. Paul, Minnesota:
Hi, My mom bought me your Christmas specials last Christmas and I listened to them on Christmas Eve. They were real cool! I especially loved the endings to the two stories! It teaches good things like how we can help others who are not as lucky as we are. Thanks.

- Ryan

(3) From Roger Veil of Billings, Montana:
We really need more family nights. The only way to bring them back is to encourage activities such as listening to great mysteries such as yours! I recently bought your entire season and plan to share them with my young students. I am a teacher and am all for promoting better listening. Hopefully it will encourage them to stop beating each other up and be nicer to each other.

- Roger

(4) From Anonymous of Toronto, Canada:
... heartwarming tales of inspiration. They celebrate people who overcome adversity and find strength in others, often children whose gift is innocence and a capacity for joy. Keep up your good work - our world needs more inspiring messages like these.

- Anonymous

(5) From Shanon Kelly of Dublin:
Donna, I am truly blown away by your Christmas episodes. They are heart warming, scintillating, and they inspire hope in the Soul of mankind! Merry Christmas to you and your team!

- Shannon

(6) From Darren Blunder of London, England:
This author is not just blind! She is unique! Recording in her own voice and in her own style! She even portrays herself as the star detective!

- Darren

(7) From Greg Petrosh of Minnesota:
Now listen here! This is an author who has captivated my mind along with that of my kids! Her Christmas episodes are simply dynamite! A must buy!

- Greg

(8) From Liz Barnet of California:
Truly magnificent! Donna you rock and to write all of this using such imagination. Keep it up!

- Liz

(9) From Anonymous of Ontario, Canada:
Thanks for sharing this with me. The graphic designs are superb! Deep reds, golden yellows, warm polished wood tones are enhanced in the soft glow of the fireplace and candlelight. Elegant script lettering is echoed in the luxurious upholstery, fireplace grill, ribbons, and tassels. There is a peaceful harmony that invites the viewer to relax and prepare to be entertained. The mood is very appealing. Your artists at Mind Vault Solutions have captured a signature look to package your stories in style. Congratulations!

- Anonymous

Learn how Author Donna Jodhan is advocating to stop the spread of bullying through her audio mysteries!

Support this exciting initiative by sending your testimonial to Author Donna Jodhan today at

Disclaimer: All characters, plots, and story lines written by Author Donna Jodhan are entirely fictional, and are not intended to represent any known real life occurences. Author Donna Jodhan is Detective DJ and these references may be used interchangeably.
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The Crime Crusher Series: Christmas Set #2 Cover Photo.

The Crime Crusher Series: Christmas Set #1 Cover Photo.

The Crime Crusher Series: Season 3 Cover Photo.

The Crime Crusher Series: Season 2 Cover Photo.

The Crime Crusher Series: Season 1 Cover Photo.

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