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Monthly Recognition


Author Donna Jodhan Monthly Recognition
July 2022

Original Release: 8/1/2022

Six cards of various colors sit atop one another and read, 'You Make A Difference', 'You're Awesome', 'Congrats', 'Glad You're On The Team', 'Nice Work', and 'Thank You'. To the left of these cards is the Author Donna Jodhan Logo.

In keeping with her commitment to consistently recognize those who have both acknowledged and assisted her in her many initiatives, Author Donna Jodhan would like to recognize the following persons for the month of July 2022. Special thanks to Aaron Di Blasi, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. and Michelle Parker! These are her All Stars!

If you would like Author Donna Jodhan to recognize you and/or your organization it's really quite easy! Just retweet her tweets @Author_Jodhan and/or like her posts on Facebook at

It's all about all of us working together to recognize each other!

Albert A Ruel
Aliasjason Everett
Amy Gordon Johnson
Angela Bossladygarey
Anita Ofsightless Living
Anna Marie
Ashley Buss
Ashley Shaw Galbraith
Aucencio Velazquez
Bonnie J Hinkley Cantrell
Brenda A Jennings
Candi Smith
Candice Rae
Carey Ruby
Carey Ruby
Carolyn Johnson Whisenhunt
Cheryl Fields
Cheryl Lynn
Chris Sch
Christie Donohue
Connie Cuffaro
Craig Hafeli
Dale Gill
Daniella Roccasalvo
Darlene Judd
Dawn Elias
Deborah Alexander
Deborah Colleen Levyv Denise Dore Chamberlin
Derek Fudge
Desiree Quiñonez
Edward Ryan Oberreither
Elena Laude Aguilar
Elizabeth Reeves
Everett Gavel
Francis Ken Madrigalejos
Gabriella Sharrard
Georgie Radcliffe Frost
Gerard T Evelyn
Gina Brambo Bhugeloo
Ginger Dahle
Harry Reis
Hugh Belt
Janet Brandly
Jennifer Zadzilka Hoffmaster
Jilla Bond
Jodi Rausch Laycock
Jo-Etta Kaye Lewis
John Dehmer
John Dimarco
Jon Goodman
Kaare Dehard
Kaelyn Kinlaw
Kalon Montgomery
Kathryn Rebecca Ikle
Keegan Fanovich
Kerry Kijewski
Kristijan Stefanovski
Larry Testut
Lingard Tin
Manny Onsurez
Marc Baillargeon-Molloy
Maria Maslelo Boonsong
Maria Saieba Kovacs
Marilyn Lind
Marion Anglin
Mark Sinclair
Maxiaids Products For Independent Living
Ming Chung
Mohammed Elhassan
Nathalie Cruz
Nirav Patel
Passle Helminski
Paul Gabias
Rachel Rebecca Ng
Rhonda Halverson
Robin G Mayr
Rodney Zettlemoyer
Sandy Woodlee
Shane Bentham
Simon Wong
Stacy Blankenship
Stephanie Cavev Stephen Matthew Lovly
Suhail Muhammad Yussufzai
Tania Perisic
Tatiana Nisiotis
Theo Harvey Arthur
Theresa F Brooks
Trisha Fox
Tukieu Julia Lee Tran
Valerie Collicott
Vicki Gerdom
Victor Gouveia
Vijay K Singhal

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