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Looking Back

Looking Back
#18D: Final Thoughts
Wistfulness and More

Original Release: 6/19/2022

Photograph of the outside sign of the Christopher Grange Rhona House Catholic Blind Institute located at Youens Way, Liverpool L14 2EW, United Kingdom. The sign reads, Christopher Grange. Driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of our service users.

Aerial photograph of Liverpool, England dominated by the Museum of Liverpool and the Open Eye Gallery.

Much as I never regretted having visited Christopher Grange with my cousin Lorraine and my friend Jilla; it was a visit that I shall never forget and after so many years ago when I lived there while studying in Liverpool I never thought that it would have affected me like this!

Thank God that Lorraine and Jilla were there with me. Walking through this gigantic complex brought back so many memories to me! Happy, confusing, sad, and puzzling!

I practically felt the presence of Sister Christina and the girls as we walked along! I was able to remember the major points such as the Chapel with its organ, the snack shop, the main dining room and the bedrooms on the second floor, the smoke room and most of all Greenside!

There were also other points along the way to Greenside to remember; the piano in another wing of Christopher Grange.

Our walk through Greenside was the most cherished but then again probably the most difficult for me. I lead Lorraine and Jilla through Greenside without any difficulty and they told me that the color scheme for the areas had not changed when I lived there according to my memory.

There was Sister Christina's office which was locked, the kitchen which was also locked, the dining room and outdoor garden, and then the bedrooms upstairs which were all locked.

Finally we walked through the lounge and snuggery and as we did so I experienced a plethora of long ago memories! Flashes of sitting and chatting with the girls in the lounge, watching TV in the snuggery and enjoying the electric fire on cold winter nights.

I did not forget the outside pond, the fields at the back of Greenside and o yes! Nicholai and Andria the cats!

I thank Lorraine and Jilla for having taken me there and it sure helped that Lorraine remembered so much as well! I consider myself to have been extremely privileged and lucky to have had the chance to live at Greenside and to have had the opportunity to live in the lap of luxury while studying.

I have made myself a promise to return to Christopher Grange in the near future but this time I'll take time to walk down the Cinder Path to my former high school Broughten Hall. Memories for a lifetime!

"Stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles. Instead, climb more mountains, eat more ice cream, go barefoot oftener, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets, laugh more and cry less. Life must be lived as we go along." — Robert J. Hastings

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