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Looking Back

Looking Back
#18C: Final Thoughts
Great Memories With My Dear Friend Jilla and Her Family

Original Release: 6/19/2022

Donna and Kahlua.

Jilla and Donna.

Rowan and Donna.

Meeting Jilla again after all of these years was a true joy and I am eternally grateful to her for having been my escort as soon as I landed at Gatwick Airport.

First she took my traveling companion Rebecca to the train station and then brought me to her house where she prepared a sumptuous dinner for me and invited her friend over to join us.

Not only did Jilla host me at her wonderful home, she also drove me to Windermere for my chess tournament, and then drove me to Liverpool to meet with my family! Finally she took me back to Gatwick to catch my flight back to Toronto! Not before she and her family of Doug her son and his girlfriend Rowan and their friend Mo had treated me to one of the most delicious East Indian meals the evening before I left.

Jilla was the superb escort evening helping to tend to me when I fell ill at Windermere and checking in on me when she had to leave Windermere for a few days to return to London for work. Here is where the joys of technology came in; facetime and texting!

May God bless this very special and wonderful lady for what she did for me! Thank you Jilla!

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." — Helen Keller

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