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Monthly Recognition


Author Donna Jodhan Monthly Recognition
March 2022

Original Release: 4/1/2022

Six cards of various colors sit atop one another and read, 'You Make A Difference', 'You're Awesome', 'Congrats', 'Glad You're On The Team', 'Nice Work', and 'Thank You'. To the left of these cards is the Author Donna Jodhan Logo.

In keeping with her commitment to consistently recognize those who have both acknowledged and assisted her in her many initiatives, Author Donna Jodhan would like to recognize the following persons for the month of March 2022. Special thanks to Aaron Di Blasi, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. and Michelle Parker! These are her All Stars!

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It's all about all of us working together to recognize each other!

Aaron Di Blasi
Adele Farough
Albert A Ruel
Aliasjason Everett
Amy Gordon Johnson
Anita On Sightless Living
Belinda Van Schalkwyk
Brenda A Jennings
Brenda A Jennings
Brittany Brearley
Carey Jernigan
Carey Ruby
Carmen Cole
Charlie Baez
Charlie Warren
Chris Sch
Connie Cuffaro
Daniel Wills
Darlene Judd
Dawod Mohammed Ali
Dean Steacy
Dorcas Love
Elena Laude Aguilar
Elizabeth Lalonde
Elizabeth Ryan
Eric Smith
Evans Joe
Eve Sanchez
Franklin Adu Gyamfi
Gabriella Sharrard
Gbengene Balogun
Heather Rupert
Hien Nguyen
Jackson Hristo
Jacqueline Tai
James Richard
Jane Willard
Janet Brandly
Jennifer Zadzilka Hoffmaster
Jenny Hwang
Jilla Bond
Jim Derksen
John Dimarco
Judy Box
Karen Beaty Clem Spruill
Kathy Bykowsky Rawa
Lavonne Frank
Lorna Desroses
Lucy Misasi
Manny Onsurez
Maria Maslelo Boonsong
Maria Saieba Kovacs
Marilyn Lind
Marilyn Lind
Marshall Goldsmith
Martha J.
Maxwell Ivey Jr.
Michael Day Vine
Michelynn Moss
Miracle James
Misty Hicks
Monica Schuck Cullen
Nadia Ellis
Nakia Faulkner
Nithyanand Suvarna
Pamela Brown
Paula Haupt
Peggy Kanak
Raj Tribhuwan
Renee Sleepy Marsh
Ricardo Pino-Robles
Robin G Mayr
Rochelle Ribeiro
Sally Finning
Samuel Frame
Shane Bentham
Shanti Prem
Shaun Edwards
Shauna Roaf
Shaw Walker
Shelby Ann Roberts
Sherrie Day
Stefans Emma Bills
Stephanie Cave
Stephen Underwood
Subramani Lakshmi
Thadd Correia
Tiffany Berry
Tira Miller
Tom Coburn
Tosin Fashoro
Victor Gouveia
Wendy Wind

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