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Monthly Recognition


Author Donna Jodhan Monthly Recognition
February 2022

Original Release: 3/1/2022

Six cards of various colors sit atop one another and read, 'You Make A Difference', 'You're Awesome', 'Congrats', 'Glad You're On The Team', 'Nice Work', and 'Thank You'. To the left of these cards is the Author Donna Jodhan Logo.

In keeping with her commitment to consistently recognize those who have both acknowledged and assisted her in her many initiatives, Author Donna Jodhan would like to recognize the following persons for the month of February 2022. Special thanks to Aaron Di Blasi, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. and Michelle Parker! These are her All Stars!

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It's all about all of us working together to recognize each other!

Aaron Di Blasi
Abdulrahman Isah Abubakar
Adele Farough
Albert A Ruel
Aliasjason Everett
Alicia Modeste
Ana Tan Garcia
Anessa Kemna
Angela Cook
Ashley Bahena
Birdie Ortiz
Brenda A Jennings
Candi Smith
Carey Ruby
Carey Ruby
Carmen Cole
Chantal Oakes
Charlie Baez
Charlotte Nolan
Cheryl Fields
Christina Holtzclaw
Colin S Wood
Connie Cuffaro
Craig Hafeli
Darlene Judd
Darryn Spall
Donna Lee Woods
Dunke Tuke Mamo
Dustin Lindberg
Ed Barnes
Elena Laude Aguilar
Fern Chiu
Gabriella Sharrard
Gary Grimes
George Fernandes
George Milton Smith
Ginger Dahle Roe
Hannah Lee Clemenson
Heather Rupert
Hibba Mirza
Jacqueline Tai
James Patton
Jane Willard
Jared Sumners
Jason Pepper
Jennifer Zadzilka Hoffmaster
Jenny Rollins
Jenny Rollins
Jhelo N
Jilla Bond
John Bailey
John Dimarco
Juan Antonio Mendoza
Judy Box
Karen Beaty Clem
Kebal Sahota
Ken Ba
Kenny Johnson
Kevin Dunn
Kristin Harper
Laurie Ann Colello
Linda Pyne
Liz-Elizabeth Anne
Lori Scharff
Lorraine Middlehurst
Lucy Misasi
Lynda Rhodes
Madhavchandra Das
Marc Baillargeon-Molloy
Marci Duty
Margie Sanders Flower
Maria Saieba Kovacs
Maria Saieba Kovacs
Mark Perry
Martha J.
Maxine Ingram
Maxwell Ivey Jr.
Mia Carius
Michelle Creedy
Michelle Oré
Nadia Chess
Nancy Joan Carlin
Nasreen Bhutta
Natale Giangioppo
Nithyanand Suvarna
Noelle Tyan
Omar Samat
Patricia Allen
Paula Haupt
Paula Paula Cottom
Peter Field
Peter Shoults
Phil So Vi Blind
Quintina Nahum
Raj Tribhuwan
Ranjeet Kumar Kahar
Renee Sleepy Marsh
Ricardo Pino-Robles
Richard Marion
Robert Hebert
Rochelle Griffin
Rochelle Ribeiro
Shane Bentham
Shannon Merrell
Stephanie Cave
Susan Rebhun
Susan S. Logan
Tanya Williams
Taylor Harper
Theo Harvey Arthur
Theo Murugasa
Tiffany Berry
Tira Miller
Tom Coburn
Tosin Fashoro
Trisha Fox
Veronica Fenelon
Victor Gouveia
Vip -Visually Impaired People World
Whitley Point
Willy Duria Gomez

Author Donna Jodhan Initials. DJ.

Information provided by: Author Donna Jodhan