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January 2022 Updates From Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna Jodhan

Original Release: 1/1/2022

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As January 2022 begins, Donna would like to share some news with you to kick off the new year.

➜ Update:

Donna is pleased to announce the launch of her newsletter! The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter. The lifestyle newsletter by and for the blind and visually impaired by Sight Loss Coach and Author Donna Jodhan. Check out The Blind Lifestyle Newsletter main page at: Check out the Blind Lifestyle Newsletter Direct Subscribe Link:

➜ Update:

Exciting news to share from Donna! The birth of an out of the box initiative! Whose mission is to ensure that Canadians who are seniors and those with disabilities will be able to travel more comfortably and freely! Donna and her associate Lorne Mackenzie are the brain children of this much needed initiative and they will be pitching their company to leaders of organizations to and for persons with disabilities, the Canadian Transportation Agency, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and other Federal Government departments! This initiative has the unlimited potential to take off in grand style. Read more at:

➜ Update:

Donna is pleased to announce that she will be teaming up with the Canadian Blind Sports Association to promote her continuing mission to make a better future for the kids of the future. Donna will be working with Jane Blane, CEO of the CBSA to promote physical literacy amongst our blind and vision impaired kids. Stay tuned for more.

➜ Update:

In early November 2021 Donna made the difficult decision to close the doors of her CCB Mysteries chapter and she made a hefty contribution of the remaining funds in her account to the Visionaries Toronto chapter. A surprised event is being planned for June 2022 that will bring interested members of the Toronto Visionaries chapter to celebrate Donna's very generous donation. Donna thanks Ian White, CEO of the Toronto Visionaries for readily agreeing to work with her on this exciting initiative.

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➜ Update:

Donna is also launching her Ask the Coach Tips on She will publish a monthly tip chosen from a pool of submissions. Check this out each month at:

➜ Update:

Donna is also planning to launch her adjustment training initiative early in the new year! This initiative is focused on helping anyone who wishes to meet the challenges of technology and are looking for individualized and customized services. Donna will offer her training services to those who need training on their i devices. Stay tuned for further announcements!

➜ Update:

Donna also announces that starting in January, she will be teaming up with Victor Gouvia of the Whose Blind Life is it Anyway network. Donna will be producing brief weekly episodes as follows:

• First Week: Ask the Advocate
• Second Week: Ask the Author
• Third Week: Ask the Coach
• Fourth Week: Ask the Expert

Stay tuned for more information.

➜ Update:

Donna announces that on February 11th 2022 she will be making a guest appearance on Bob Branco's show named In Perspective where she will be sharing her experiences as a blind/vision impaired traveler traveling internationally. The challenges that she had to face. Stay tuned for more on this!

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