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Award Winning Sight Loss Coach, Advocate and Author Donna Jodhan Announces Special One-Hour Introductory Consultation for Just $25 USD
Offer Ends: December 31st 2021

Original Release: 8/8/2021

A smiling Donna Jodhan holds her ACSP Certificate.

If you have a blind or low vision question that you would like to discuss which requires an immediate answer, Donna is standing by to help. For the very affordable price of just $25 USD for a one hour consult, Donna will help you to resolve your immediate concern.

If you've ever wondered if you might benefit from the advice of a live sight loss coach, here's your chance to find out for just $25 USD.

Many other coaches charge two or three times more than Donna's standard hourly rate of $50 USD, but not Donna! Donna knows how important it is to be able to have immediate access to someone who can listen, understand, and provide immediate assistance.

So whether you want to learn more about Donna's sight loss coaching services first hand, or you have a blind or low vision issue that you need immediate assistance with, Donna is here to help.

Consults may be completed via email, phone, Facetime, Skype or Zoom.

You may use this link or any of the buttons below (PayPal Checkout, Venmo Checkout, Pay Later with PayPal, Debit or Credit Card) to book your one hour consult for just $25 USD.

Once you're booked, Donna will contact you via email within 24 hours to schedule your consultation.

Donna will contact you from the email address, so please be sure to check your spam folder, or add this address to your Trusted Sender's list today.

Photo ALT: A smiling Donna Jodhan holds her ACSP Certificate.

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