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Looking Back

Looking Back
#7 How and Where it Started

Original Release: 2/17/2020

The Caribbean. Aerial view of The Island Of St Lucia. St. Lucia is considered the most beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, and is generally considered to have the most breath taking beaches in all the Caribbean.

How it all started for me is when I took the lessons from my mom, dad, and granny to heart and decided that it was time for me to do my part to help make a difference. Nothing comes too late and my campaign started in earnest in 2000.

"When it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." - Gilbert K. Chesterton

I have traveled a long and winding road and along the way I have adopted mentors and role models. There are so many to name but suffice it to say that in addition to the late Chris Stark as one of my favourite mentors, I have also incorporated the values of the late Steve Jobs who I credit for having introduced a whole new world of technology to blind and vision impaired persons. A world that will benefit future generations and beyond!

In my forthcoming posts, I will share with you highlights of my experiences as: A blind advocate, a blind author, a blind blogger, a blind dinner mystery host, a blind entrepreneur, a blind government consultant, a blind law student, a blind mystery writer, and a blind podcast commontator.

This may seem like a lot to many but it is not for me and I hope that anyone taking the time to read my posts will be motivated!

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