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Gazing at a Christmas Tree

Original Release: 12/1/2020

A beautifully decorated and fully lit Christmas Tree reflects off of a polished wooden table.

I can definitely confirm that this strategy works for me and why? Because it includes using the senses of smell, sight, and touch. You can also add the sense of hearing to this strategy.

I'll do my best here to draw the picture for you.

It is a very quiet December night. Outside, old man winter is hard at work covering the landscape with snow and ice and even the trees are all decked out in pure white clothes. Inside, everyone has retired to their room for the evening and now you are all alone. Time to sneak into the living room and try something new.

You walk slowly towards a lighted Christmas tree and as you approach, you can smell the pungent fragrance of pine and there is more. Yes! There is a lot more that you can use to wake up your sleepy imagination on this December night.

It may be quiet in the house but outside the winds are blowing and rattling the window panes! In addition, you can hear the voices of carol singing folks somewhere in the distance!

Christmas is here and your Christmas tree is waiting to help you get into the festive mood. The smell of pine urges you to look at your Christmas tree and lo and behold!

Dozens of colourful winking lights invite you to start thinking! Presents under the tree are calling out for you to start guessing what's in their gaily wrapped packages! So you bow to the pressure and you get closer!

Time for you to reach out and touch one of the closest branches and you do exactly that! Voila! Your creative juices begin to churn and now you are ready to think and write!

Try this strategy and let us know how you get on!

Merry Christmas!

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