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Monthly Recognition


Author Donna Jodhan Monthly Recognition
August 2020

Original Release: 9/1/2020

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In keeping with her commitment to consistently recognize those who have both acknowledged and assisted her in her many initiatives, Author Donna Jodhan would like to recognize the following persons for the month of August 2020. Special thanks to Aaron Di Blasi, Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. and Michelle Parker! These are her All Stars!

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It's all about all of us working together to recognize each other!

Albert A Ruel
Aliasjason Everett
Amanda Cape
Ashley Shaw Galbraith
Carol Steward
Chantal Oakes
Charlene Marie Young
Cheryl Traub
Connie Cuffaro
David Brun
Dean Holden
Dean Steacy
Debbie Gillespie
Description To Me
Gabriella Sharrard
John Anderson
Lizbet Margreta Henriksen
Lucy Misasi
Maria Saieva Kovax
Michael Babcock
Miles Rieker
Milton Ota
Natalina Martiniello
Neil Middlehurst
Neva Fairchild
Norman Lyons
Paul Barber
Portia Scott
Raj Tribhuwan
Richard Marion
Rocket Validator
Rylan Vroom
Sandra Gualtieri
Sarah K Alawami
Shane Bentham
Simon Wong
Superior Description Services
Thadd Correia

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