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Birds and Beaches

Original Release: 8/1/2020

Birds fly above a beautiful beach.

This is probably one of my most favourite strategies and I often use this one whenever my imagination and creative juices appear to be sagging or wanting to take a summer break.

I do not think that one needs to be actually close to birds and beaches. There are several other ways to use this strategy including through the sounds of audios, scenes of videos and of course images on the Internet.

Let's think of it like this. You are sitting on a quiet sandy beach in the early morning. There are not many people around. Just birds singing in nearby trees, flying around close by, or even hovering above the lazy waves just waiting to catch an unsuspecting fish leaping above the surface.

The sweet voices of the birds combined with the quietude and the smell of the beach should definitely be enough to just tickle your imagination to wake up and rouse your creative juices from their slumber.

Give this one a try. I really like it!

Photo ALT: Birds fly above a beautiful beach.

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