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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Weddings and Proms

Original Release: 6/1/2020

Three women stand together, arms outstretched, each showcasing a different corsage.

This may not be one of the more high profile strategies to help stimulate and create one's imagination and creative juices but I like to think of this as one that has the potential to foster and encourage commitment to imagining and creating.

Think of it like this! What do weddings and proms have in common? They are both gateways to a future filled with ideas. They are both culminations of periods of time spent working very hard to achieve something very important in one's life. They signify the achievement of an important milestone in one's life.

In the same way, they can definitely signify the start of something new; this being to use imaginations and creative juices to help one start a new career in something like authorship.

This is definitely worth a try!

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