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Looking Back

Looking Back
#2 Meditation

Original Release: 11/25/2019

Man laying on a beach looking out to sea.

When I decided to embark on my looking back over the years initiative, I realized that it would be a huge undertaking for me but I honestly feel that it is very important for me to share as many of my experiences with you as I can.

I have carefully written my posts and I promise not to make them too long and too boring.

My mission is to help motivate others to do the same and to join me in doing everything that we can to help build a better future for our kids.

And in the words of Britain's Prince Harry; to leave something better behind for the next generation.

For today, I will share with you that most of my ideas and creations came from having spent and continuing to spend quality time at various beaches where I have the chance to sit, relax, and look at the ocean.

No ringing phones, no emails, just me and the beach and the ocean. The smell of fresh sea air! The feel of cool golden sand under my feet and through my fingers, and the soft sound of waves rolling ashore!

This is where I have been able to create, imagine, and build and just like the man in the photo! I contemplate and meditate!

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