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Using The Holiday Season To Kick Start New Hopes And Dreams

Original Release: 11/1/2019

On top of a red mug filled with hot chocolate floats a smiling marshmallow snowman.

Trust me when I tell you that one of the most effective strategies for me is to use the month of November to help me kick start hopes and dreams but not only this! I use it to rejuvenate my imagination and creative juices.

I start to think of all of the wonderful things that I can do for the forthcoming holiday season. I start to think of ways of bringing joy and cheer to others and I quickly get to work on dreaming of ways to spread joy ad warmth around me, and to create smiles and laughter on the faces and lips of those many kids who need to smile and laugh.

November is probably one of the best months to do all of this! It is a time to allow one's imagination to transfer thoughts from fall leaves to upcoming fun activities and so much more.

November is the time for me when I allow my imagination to start creating and working. It is the right time for me to translate thoughts and ideas into words and paragraphs.

I strongly encourage you to give this strategy a good old college try. Best time of the month to use this strategy would be to start as early as you can. So why not go out there and try my strategy for this month?

Photo ALT: On top of a red mug filled with hot chocolate floats a smiling marshmallow snowman.

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