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How Falling Leaves Can Help To Spark Ideas

Original Release: 10/1/2019

Image. A narrow path winds through a beautiful forest filled with trees turned red and orange.

You would be amazed to know how falling leaves can act as a spark plug to regenerate a lethargic imagination and a half empty tank of creative juice.

No, you cannot hear them when they are falling and for the most part you cannot smell them. However, there are two things about falling leaves that can be used.

First, their amazing variety of colours. On the trees they range from light orange and burned orange to light yellow and a deep yellow. Then there are so many varieties of these colours in between. Then they fall and for that one brief moment in time; for no more than a day or two, they retain their colour as they lie peacefully everywhere just waiting to be taken to leaf Heaven.

Then they begin to turn brown and before you know it they have become dry and quite limp. Then they are no longer with us.

For whereas some of us use the colours to help spark life into our imaginations, there are others who do something else. Yes, they can spark their imaginations when they walk among the fallen leaves and enjoy the sound of the crunch beneath their feet as they walk.

You see, there are several ways to enjoy those fallen leaves.

It works for me and now I am passing on this little ingredient to you.

Give it a try! You may be amazed to find how well it can work for you too!

Best time to try this strategy would be early morning or late evening.

So why not go out there and try my strategy for this month?

Photo ALT: Image. A narrow path winds through a beautiful forest filled with trees turned red and orange.

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