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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Thinking of a Classroom

Original Release: 9/1/2019

Image. View of a crowded classroom / lecture hall from about the 5th row. A speaker stands in the front engaging the audience.

This may just be the perfect time to use this strategy to help kick start your imagination and refresh your creative juices.

The objective here is for you to use a non outdoor way to help you get into the groove. Think of a classroom that you are sitting in with other like minded folks. A lecture is going on and you have decided to pay attention to the lecturer because after all; you would like to get something out of this particular lecture.

In order to make this a successful strategy, you need to avoid the following:

Boredom, try to stay focused.
Falling asleep, again; stay focused.
Take notes and ask as many questions as you feel necessary.
Stay focused on the lecturer.
Try not to let your attention stray to what others are doing beside or around you.

I often use this strategy at the beginning of fall and it works like a charm.

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