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Using May to Help You Discover New Paths

Original Release: 5/1/2019

Photo of a stunningly beautiful patch of Spring flowers reaching out of the grass for the sunlight high above them.

There is an old saying that goes something like this.

April showers brings May flowers and this is what I am going to base my tip on for this month.

I used to recite this poem as a child and it went something like this.

The silver raindrops patter upon the earth today!
Tap, tap! Their knock is gentle and this is what they say!
O little flowers awaken and open wide your doors
Come out in pretty dresses for Spring is here once more!

May is the perfect month for us to discover new paths and we can do this by using all of our senses; from sight and smell to taste, touch and hearing. Let those fresh flowers and green grass stimulate your creative juices and let the smell of fragrances wafting on the breezes assist to push your imagination to wake up.

Use your sense of taste to help encourage you to start creating new recipes for the Spring and then use the sense of touch to help stimulate your sense of awareness.

Finally, use your sense of hearing; the songs of those sweet feathered friends to motivate you to take action. From birds chirping to ducks quacking, roosters crowing, the sounds of frogs and crickets making melodious sounds and so much more.

There are so many ingredients for you to put together in one huge Mayburger!

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