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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Using The Sights And Sounds of Spring

Original Release: 3/1/2018

Photo overlooking flowers and grass along the bed of a small but beautiful lake at the foot of a large set of mountains.

There is nothing more refreshing and effective than to be able to use the sights and sounds of Spring to get you into the mode of creating and imagining. After a long, cold, and gruelling winter; so many of us are simply worn out and our imaginations sure need a tonic to help rejuvenate the creative juices.

Think of it like this! You have just spent most of your days and nights indoors fending off those cold biting winds and you have not been able to hear the pure voices of lovable birds. Nor have you been able to see the colourful blooms let alone smell their inviting fragrances. Additionally, you have not seen a true sunrise or sunset for the last few months and o yes! No green grass for you to walk through.

You see, you have not been able to do too much about this and accordingly your imagination and creative juices have gone to sleep on you. Now it is time to wake them up and the sights and sounds of spring are just what you need to do it.

Give this strategy a good old try and I guarantee you that the results will be absolutely amazing!

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