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Author Donna Jodhan and Friends Mystery Play 'The Bermuda Triangle' Plays To A Full House on February 23rd 2018

Original Release: 2/27/2018

Photo of Donna Jodhan sitting at a table in front of a microphone with an ear piece in.Photo of Author Donna Jodhan and Friends.

On February 23, 2018 Author Donna Jodhan and Friends played to a full house at 1929 Bayview Avenue as they delighted the audience with their play 'The Bermuda Triangle'.

The mystery was a fictional satire written by Author Donna Jodhan and featured 3 suspects who all pled guilty to the murder of a lady named Vivienne Grabbit, also known as 'Voluptuous Vivienne'.

First we had Donaldo Trump who claimed that he did the deed to get Vivienne off his back. He claimed that she had been sent to Toronto by his brother Donald to straighten him out due to his preferences.

Then we had Kathleen Wingate who claimed that she killed Vivienne because she was rebuffed by her. Kathleen was forced to reveal her double life both as a chef and as Premier of Ontario.

Finally we had Hillary Lewinsky who said that she did it because Vivienne double crossed her!

The play was often punctuated with rich applause and tons of laughter.

Before the play dinner was served and there was an entertaining game show.

There was full audience participation; an eight man jury was chosen from among the audience and then the audience chose which sentence would be handed down for Kathleen Wingate, who was found guilty.

Author Donna would like to thank her cast; David Wysocky as Donaldo Trump, Debbie Gillespie as Kathleen Wingate, Pina Dintino as Hillary Lewinsky, and Kamini Rodhan as the bailiff.

And finally to her game show host Kelly MacDonald, her MC Gabriella Sharrard, and to her vice president of the CCB Mysteries Chapter, Lynda Spinney.

Stay tuned for Donna's next exciting evening!

Author Donna Jodhan Initials. DJ.

Information provided by: Author Donna Jodhan