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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Using A Hot Drink To Help Spark Your Imagination

Original Release: 2/1/2018

Tips from Author Donna Jodhan - Using A Hot Drink To Help Spark Your Imagination - Author Donna Jodhan

Trust me when I tell you that one of the most affective ways to spark one's imagination in the dead of winter is through the savoring of a nice hot drink. Just think of this: It is the dead of winter and all that you can see when you look through your window is nothing but a thick carpet of snow all around.

The trees are covered in snow and ice. There is no greenery for you to enjoy. No birds are singing and the day is lit by a dull sun. O boy! You are feeling down and you can literally feel cold air coming into your home from some obscure corner.

What to do when you are having problems calling up those creative juices to help kick start your writing and composing? Well, try this one and see how you feel.

  • Make a nice glass or mug of one of your favorite warm drinks; alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

  • Next find a nice comfy chair; either at your kitchen table, in your family room, or anywhere that is comfy for you.

  • Settle into your chair and place your hands around the warm glass or mug.

  • Clasp it firmly between your hands and let the heat of the glass resonate through out your body.

  • Now close your eyes and just allow yourself to drift off.

I can guarantee that this strategy will work for you. It will help you to relax and recharge and the rest will follow in short order.

Give it a try.

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