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Holiday Time Imaginations Expectations

Original Release: 12/1/2018

A beautiful thought-provoking photograph looks out across a worn wooden table. In the distance, slightly blurred, is the silhouette of a Christmas Tree full of decorations and lights.

I discovered this strategy fairly recently and it is one that I often use at this time of the year to help me rejuvenate my creative juices and to recreate and reformat my ideas.

Holiday time is when I allow my imagination to roam, find new pastures, and to even invent some new thoughts. I allow myself to use the sites and sounds as I walk along sidewalks and through busy and noisy malls.

I take things one step further and create dreams of expectations; both gift wise to send and to receive. I pretend that I am sending exotic gifts to friends and in return I imagine that I am receiving some spectacular ones.

You would be amazed to learn how the imagination can really kick into high gear. I urge you to try this strategy.

Happy Holidays to you!

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