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Tips from Author Donna Jodhan
Going Ice Skating To Help Energize

Original Release: 1/1/2018
Close up of a girl wearing white ice skates and skating around an ice rink with everyone else blurred in the background.

You would be amazed to know how going ice skating can help to energize a sagging imagination. Just think of this!

Feeling a fresh breeze race across your cheeks and play gently through your hair. Feeling the sensation of your ears tingling as you skate and the smell of freshness all around you as you glide across the ice!

Then think of this! Your arms are flailing, your skates are rubbing against the ice as you skate and you can actually hear the sound of them gripping the ice as you go! There are others skating as well; all around you and whizzing past you! All you want to do is to stay on your feet and not fall on your face!

So how do you do this? Simple! You clear your mind and you start to call on your arms and legs to help you stay upright! Soon enough you begin to relax and start to enjoy your skating activity!

Ah yes! Nothing better than going ice skating to help energize mind, body, and imagination and then the rest will soon fall into place!

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