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Author Donna Jodhan Publications - Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - Issue 11

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Section: From Flying Blind, LLC:

Compliments of our good friends over at Flying Blind, LLC we bring you the latest Volume of Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, The Week's News in Adaptive Technology. If you'd like to subscribe to this free weekly publication directly, head on over to, or send an email to with "Subscribe" in the subject line.

Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, July 31, 2014 - Volume 468
The Week's News in Adaptive Technology

A Flying Blind, LLC Publication

Read this Volume of Top Tech Tidbits on the web at:

1) Mastering the Macintosh with VoiceOver is a book available free on iBooks:

2) Presentations and slides from the recent Accessing Social Media Conference can be found here:

3) Here is a post titled, "10 Ways to Control Your iPhone with Your Apple Earbuds":

4) Master Chef Christine shares a video about how she runs her home office with her Apple products:

5) Glassbrick Screen Magnifier is free from Australia:

6) Classic Six Dragons is an accessible text game with a Sound Pack:

7) Learn about the Harbolt Company, selling useful products to the blind, on Tek Talk on GMT Tuesday, 5 August at 00:00:

8) Here is an AppleVis Forum Topic: Productivity on the MacBook Pro:

9) A lot of people agree with the sentiments expressed in this article, "I'm Done with Braille Notetakers," but I (Editor, Dean Martineau) am not fully among them:

In this week's available audio:

10A) The sessions of the recent NVDACon are now available:

10B) This amazon Kindle Fire tutorial used to cost, but now it has gone free:

10C) The July FSCast from Freedom Scientific describes the new FS Website, previews Typeability 5, and demonstrates how to use place markers on the web:

10D) Episode 1431 of the Eyes on Success Radio Show is for Finding a Job:

From AppleVis Come:

10E) QCast: an Accessible Podcast Manager and Player for Mac OS X:

10F) Using Talking Windows Pre-installation Environment to Install Windows on a Mac from a USB Drive:

10A) Innovative Language 101 for iOS: Learn the Language of your Choice With These Lessons and Learning Tools:

10G) In a herculean act of service and dedication, Rick Harmon has obtained permission and then assembled virtually the entire collection of Blind Cool Tech podcasts from 2005-2012:

10H) Here's an Audioboo, The Perfect Sound Design in BlindSquare:

10I) And finally, Exploring Windows 8.1 - I'm At The Start Screen, now what? is the topic for the latest Cool Blind Tech podcast:

Section: Practical Tips To Enhance Your Daily Life:

This collection of tips are intended to assist you in keeping up with improvements and enhancements to various products and services that may help you to live a better life. Enjoy!

Here are some very useful tips for making various sprays that will help you to rid your garden of bugs and pests.

1) How to Make Organic Pepper Spray for Plants:

2) How to Make Homemade Organic Bug Spray for Plants:

3) How to Make Garlic Spray:

4) If you have a disability and are looking for work-at-home employment opportunities:

5) This is for those of you who are in the market for headphones. The wireless Aftershock headphones are really great and you may want to check these out:

6) For those of you interested in Apps for the Deaf / Blind we recently celebrated the birthday of Helen Keller and this is a good time to share these:

7) A Review of Uber, the Growing Alternative to Traditional Taxi Service:

8) And this is for the iPad or iPhone user looking to set up iCloud on their iDevice. How to set up your new iPhone or iPad using iCloud:

9) Did you know that there is a vibrating glove that can teach Braille?

10) If you presently own a small business and are seeking cyber security tips, check this out:

11) Learn how to do Advanced Searches in Windows 7:

12) Are you tired of trying to rid yourself of those pesky ants? Try this:

13) Having problems repairing your venetian blinds?

14) And finally, from the pages of Donna's Travel Diary come "At Conferences On My Own":

Section: Mystery of the Month:

This month, I'd like to whet your appetite with a brief description of one of my audio mysteries that I have chosen for you. This one is called "The President's Partner" and here is a brief description:

No president is ever safe from threats and secrets and in the case of Scott Sandosky!
This and more surrounded him and he had no way to escape it.

Who could have done it?
Could the president's 3 nephews have been behind his demise?
Could it have been a foreign government seeking revenge?
Or could it have been a local fanatical group?
Or even still: Could the president have faked his own disappearance?
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Section: From the Desk of Author Donna Jodhan:

If you would like to gain perspective as to how blind persons go about their daily activities, and how they interact with others, please go to:

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Donna also produces various other useful posts every Saturday such as:

Helpful monthly tips.
Where to find your best American cities.
How to make your products and services more accessible.
Editorials on creating an accessible workplace.
Technology related articles each Wednesday and Thursday.

You can follow Author Donna Jodhan on Twitter @author_jodhan or @accessibleworld. You can also chat with her on Skype @habsfan0526.

With very best wishes,
Donna J. Jodhan AKA Detective DJ

Section: Some Friendly Advice From Author Donna Jodhan:

August 2014
The Power of Quietude

You would be amazed to know how you can use quietude to help you think, create, and develop. Trust me when I tell you that there is absolutely nothing better than using the power of quietude to help you get ahead.
I do most of my writing either very early in the morning or in the early hours of the evening. All is quiet then. I can hear myself think and breathe and I can manage to organize my thoughts in a cohesive manner.
At these times of the day, the phones are silent. Your inbox's activity is probably at its lowest and you can probably ignore your i-device for a period of time.
There is nothing worse than having to work in the middle of noise whether or not it is white noise or regular noise. When all is quiet you can think and you can breathe. You have the space to organize your thoughts and expand your imagination to reach for the stars. Why not give it a try?
Use the power of quietude to help you get ahead.

Donna J. Jodhan, AKA Detective DJ

Section: News Flash From Author Donna Jodhan:

Author Donna wishes to announce that in the early Fall of 2014, she will be offering her Second Season for sale!
You will be able to purchase episodes individually or subscribe for unlimited access at
The Second Season contains 13 riveting audio mysteries that will tease you to try and guess who did it!
This Second Season has already been aired by Accessible Media, Inc. of Toronto and American Council of the Blind Internet Radio and the feedback has been nothing short of smashing!
If you think that the First Season was exciting, then you haven't seen anything yet!

Section: Please Join My Campaign Against Bullying (CAB):

This is a personal message from author Donna Jodhan: "Each time we raise our voice at someone else we are engaging in bullying! Each time we raise our hands to slap or punch someone else we are also engaging in bullying and each time we engage in actions to either manipulate or force someone else to do what we want we are also engaging in bullying!

There is no room in this world for bullying and each day we fail to take action against bullying it is another day that we allow others to bully us and our kids. Our heros and role models are the ones who have made us proud; those brave young men and women who gave their lives for us in past wars and those who continue to do so. They are not the ones who choose to be racists and those who believe that their bad behaviour in public is acceptable.

I write and record audio mysteries that are being used at such events as murder mystery evenings as well as at public awareness and team building events. I promote understanding, tolerance, and problem solving and my audio mysteries continue to be broadcasted around the world and you can listen to them anywhere! On the plane or train! In the car or right there in your home! On your i-device or computer!

Please join my Campaign Against Bullying (CAB) by supporting my efforts to keep on writing and recording! "If you truly care then you will certainly dare!"

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Section: Closing:

With very best wishes for an awesome month of August,
Donna J. Jodhan AKA Detective DJ

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