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Who is Detective DJ?


It is often said that there is more than one side to a person and this is what Author Donna Jodhan has done to her main character! Not just a detective who solves crimes in a unique way! But also one who writes and records Christmas mysteries and one who is actively involved in campaigns against bullying! Yes indeed! A very unique character has taken the audio mystery arena by storm!

Author Donna Jodhan has created a very unique character; a very enterprising lady named Detective DJ. This character is refreshing, involving, and is not afraid to mix things up.

Patterned after herself for the most part, Author Donna Jodhan who is blind has created a very unique, exciting, and versatile character named Detective DJ and she heads a team called the Crime Crushers. This team is made up of a psychologist, private investigator, crime scene specialist, pathologist, and computer guru. The Crime Crushers solve crimes in a very unique way and when she is not solving crimes, Detective DJ is busy writing and recording Christmas mysteries that are rich in content.

Scintillating, riveting, and filled with hope, joy, and cheer. These Christmas mysteries are for all ages and Author Donna Jodhan uses her experiences as a blind person to include something very unique; something that is very rare and hard to find among authors. These Christmas mysteries are a must listen!

There is more! Detective DJ is also very heavily involved in campaigns against bullying. When she is not writing, recording, or solving crimes, this very busy detective is out there campaigning against bullying; on behalf of kids and especially so for those kids with disabilities, and on behalf of those women who are most vulnerable. Detective DJ firmly believes that these are the ones who need to be protected from the big bad world; from those bullies who invade classrooms, playgrounds, homes, and cyberspace.

Detective DJ is very passionate about what she does and is bound and determined to do her part. So why not get up close and personal with her? Visit to learn more and take advantage of her online store where you can either download samples for free, subscribe for unlimited access, or purchase. Find out why author Donna Jodhan is so unique; a very rare breed of audio mystery authors in her own right.

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Disclaimer: All characters, plots, and story lines written by Author Donna Jodhan are entirely fictional, and are not intended to represent any known real life occurences. Author Donna Jodhan is Detective DJ and these references may be used interchangeably.
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