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Monthly Recognition

Monthly Recognition
April 2017

Original Release: 5/5/2017
Monthly Recognition - April 2017 - Author Donna Jodhan

In keeping with her commitment to consistently recognize those who have both acknowledged and assisted her in her many initiatives, Author Donna Jodhan would like to recognize the following persons for the month of April 2017. These are her All Stars!

Anthony Soriano
Chantal Oakes
Christina Holtz
Connie Cuffaro
Esther Joyce Coulter Main
Evelyn Cullet
Fern Chiu
Heather Rupert
Jacquie Biggar
John Anderson
Larry Shackelford
Linda Brayton Rogers
Maria Saieba Kovacs
Michelle White
Nalule Mary
Rachel Carney
Raj Tribhuwan
Ryan Chin
Samara Hussain

Author Donna Jodhan Initials. DJ.

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